Friday, January 25, 2008

R.I.P. Santa Claus

Well, it's happened. The fabled North West passage is now open for the first time in recorded history and countries are scrambling to lay claim to the open waters and the riches that lay below, but what about the cultural loss that this brings about? What of Santa Claus?

Yes, it seems that in the next few Christmas's we will have to break the news to our children that Santa is now sleeping with the mercury infected fishes of the arctic ocean along with several seals, polar bears and a few native Inuit. It seems that the North Pole is no longer able to stay frozen enough to allow any man made structures to stand upon it. You see, at some point the ice thawed and Santa's Workshop slipped forever beneath the cold but slowly warming depth's of the waters of the north. Little elf bodies floated on the surface as the people of the world held their fingers in their ears and pretended that nothing important was going on.

The debate rages on as to what actually caused the death of Santa Claus, but most intelligent people believe that it had something to do with some sort of human activity on the planet. Other's claim that a deity of sorts that floats "out there" somewhere does what he wants and we have no power to stop him. Other's claim that it is a cycle that comes and goes and we should just live with it. Then there are some that think that nothing is happening at all. Regardless of the mind set that you fall within it is apparent that many people do not notice the changes in the environment that have taken place since they were children.

Maybe it was all Santa's fault.....he kept sending us all these gifts that we really didn't need. He kept us wanting more and more and more until we just polluted the world so much with his factories that kept consuming more and more resources. Not only did Santa deliver stuff that wasn't needed, but it seems that family members bought stuff for other family members who bought stuff for other family members and none of these people really needed the stuff that they received. When one person buys something for fifteen dollars and another family member buys something for fifteen dollars and they give each other these gifts that neither person really wants, then a lot of energy and material resources are wasted.

What should we do now? What should the human race say?

Good bye Santa have destroyed our world enough. Now that you are gone, maybe we will learn that the best gifts to give are not associated with holidays and come at random times and are appropriate and needed by the recipients that we love. Yes, it is sad that we can no longer look forward to the overly fed man in red giving us gifts that we really don't need, but is it really all that sad that you are dead? The hollowness that you brought to us all as we did our duty buying stuff no one needed is no longer needed. We should all look to the north and see the shining sea that is before us and know that we should do something different. As your rotting corpse sits at the bottom of the ocean, maybe we can learn how to set things right and start being responsible with the beautiful world that we are fortunate enough to live in.

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