Monday, February 25, 2008

Are Men Obsolete?

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Warning....A lot of stereotyping is to follow: What are men good for? Really now, what does the human race need a bunch of men fight wars and help in procreation? We all know from watching TV over the past few years that most men are immature sex loving idiots who would rather watch a football game than create something worthwhile. We also know from the commercials played between sitcoms and reality shows that men are somewhat stupid and need their women to tell them what to do all the time. Yes, it seems that men have grown useless in our society. Men have used their strength for thousands of years to keep women in keep the women from learning, from voting, from expressing themselves. Women have done all the house chores and reared the children while the men went out and about and made decisions that changed the course of humanity. Now wives and children everywhere just pity the poor father and shake their heads in dismay at his ineptitude. Yes, we know that women can be rather nagging to their lesser halves, but a lot of times they do have valid opinions. Many men believe that women are annoying when they are ordering food at restaurants, never just taking what is on the menu but instead creating a menu of their own. As we all know they also talk incessantly and are always wanting to discuss things related to relationships and such, and to the pain of many a man they have the annoying ability to remember every detail about everything you ever did or said. Yes, they also have the ability to do a lot of things at once and organize themselves and others. You may find it sad to think that all of these skills are valuable in this world in which we live....all of them except maybe the food ordering disorder that they seem to all possess.

It is becoming a rare event where a man is in a more powerful position than a women within a domestic situation, at least on TV. In these events where men are actually more powerful it is commonly in a lower income and less educated coupling environment. If the man is able to keep the woman at home and unable to get an education, then he is in a winning position where he will get his thirst for power and control that he needs because his life is usually small and he has very little control over his destiny. Satisfied by controlling his woman, the uneducated and lower level male is often kept in check within society; otherwise, he may explode and cause some sort of event that is frowned upon by the masses. So, as long as the women gives in to his sexual desires and cooks his food and cleans his house and raises strong strapping boys, then life is all good and he feels complete.

Now the above is biased and not appropriately politically correct for you see not all women are controlled by lowly paid football watching men. Some women are controlled by men who make a lot of money and have a lot of power....but it is these men who are a dying breed. Though the fact of the matter is a lot of women happily live in this type of environment letting the man think he is in power as she gallivants around shopping and getting her nails done and takes tennis lessons.

Women are proving themselves in areas that used to be the strict social domains of men. Women are capable of managing businesses, are able to play sports, survive on the field of battle, becoming great scientists, being police officers, artists, politicians, doctors and every other role that a male has traditionally filled. You know what else they can do....the one thing that men can not? Woman can have babies. Now you may say that you have to have a man for a woman to have a baby, but you would be wrong.

The great work of man is starting to culminate into an exponential growth of understanding and advancement. During the march at greater and greater control over nature and the "betterment of humanity" we have learned how to manipulate the very components that make us who we are. Stem cell and cloning technologies have given us the ability to merge species, to create beings that never existed and to copy those that do. It is within our ability to take two females and combine their DNA together to allow the two to have a unique human baby without the help of a human man. When a penis and its happy sperm are no longer needed, what value does a man bring to the world? Now, there will be a lot of women out there who will still lust after a hard body, but even that can be simulated enough to satisfy.

It is truly a sad time to be a male human. No longer are we able to express our sexual needs and desires. No longer are we able to fully demonstrate our needs for power and assertiveness. We are losing out genetically and socially to the female of our species. In a work environment it is alright for a female to tout her sexuality, but men are told to curtail theirs. Men don't even know if they are supposed to hold the door open for a woman or if the woman is supposed to hold the door open for the man.......our advancement of social equality has grown faster than our biological evolution and we are all confused about the whole thing.

Woman are confused as well with all of the stuff that has happened to our society. Women want strong and capable men, but they want to be able to control them (not all, but a large number of them). Society is creating women who demand equal power in society, but they often report that they want their men to be strong and sexually dominant in bed. Men sometimes find it hard to be sexually dominant with socially dominant women. The only true power men have left is sex and that is a quickly fading power. Brute force and aggressive testosterone arrogance is needed less and less in our advanced times. Intelligence and the ability to work socially with others is most important....multi-tasking is valuable as well and woman have all these abilities.

Is this all a bad thing? Do we need to worry about this? The only thing we need to worry about is our reliance upon technology. If men are ever rendered extinct and there are only women to carry on the species, then we are extremely dependent upon "unnatural" human made reproductive technologies. It is unfortunately true that men are not needed to carry forward the species. Having sex has always been a man's ultimate aim and desire unless he was a devout religious man or a strict scientific nerd...something women can do now.

As men we shall now face the fact that women hold the power in society. They have the bodies we as men crave. They have the power to move up the corporate ladders using both their abilities of intellect as well as their beauty. They are capable of doing what we do and they don't really need us to succeed. In fact, they often complain that we get in the way.

What are men to do?

As stated in a recent TV show: "Men are becoming the new women." Except men can't have babies and are usually bad at keeping house.

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Chris said...

"We all know from watching TV...that most men are immature sex loving idiots who would rather watch a football game than create something worthwhile."

Come on now, you don't really think TV reflects reality, do you? Really? Come ON now. Have you ever seen a single Hollywood movie which reflects what life is actually like?

More importantly, you seem stuck in a number of ways. You are stuck in a dichotomy of men VS women, in which one must necessarialy be superior and one inferior. You are stuck believing that the socialized characteristics of each sex are fixed and biological rather than flexible and learned. Both of these assumptions are wrong. You even acknowledged that women have grown to prowess in fields they were thought incapable of, yet it hasn't occurred to you that men can learn to network, compromise, and multitask.

Rethink your assumptions, and stop using television, which is 100% manufactured, as your sole source of information.