Monday, March 3, 2008

Digitize Your Daily Life - Brave New Frontiers

Talk about a high-tech diary. Put these goggles, created by the University of Tokyo, on your head and go about your daily business recording and cataloging everything you see and hear. Right now the device has the ability to identify known objects in real-time and the ability to store the information and later search through the video for those objects using keywords supplied by the user.

In the near future you may be able to a lot with this type of technology. Of course the usual privacy issues all arise from everyone going around recording everything they do all day long, but hey, this is the future. Let's delve into the possibilities further than just remembering where you left your keys...

Imagine sitting in your physics or history class in the near future with a pair of these babies strapped to your head. You wouldn't need paper and pen anymore, just stair blankly at the professor and the blackboard, as you normally would, and let the device record everything. Better yet, imagine if the device had character recognition built in and was able to convert the text it saw into editable text you could use later. How cool would that be to walk around all day long and have a running log created of all the text you looked at so that you could recall it at a later time.

Police officers could where these devices and have a wireless link back to the squad car to record events that may happen out of the sight of traditional dashboard cameras. This would further the use of video footage as evidence in crimes. If the video was streamed over the web to police headquarters then the dispatchers could react quicker to the needs of the police officer.

Viewers of a historic event such as the assassination of JFK or Dick Cheney shooting someone in the face could record the events taking place from different vantage points. The amounts of digital data to be searched through and analyzed would be tremendous.

Take the power of facial recognition and combine it with one of these devices and a whole new world of tracking is opened. If people wore these and had them all linked up to a central computer network, such as the Internet, and it was all tied into a main system that searched and tracked known, or possible, "bad guys" the ability to find fugitives could increase dramatically. Capturing of illegal or other newsworthy events would happen quite a bit. Reality TV ratings would shoot through the roof with all the different angles they could get from people.

Requiring people to wear these on specific jobs would be great for businesses. Making people explain "gaps" in the recording and watching or simply searching the video for keywords could determine if the employee was doing what they should or not.

Now imagine taking one of these and combining it with the Emotiv game controller that will soon be available. You could record your visual experiences as well as your brainwaves and then later compare how you were feeling when you saw a certain thing or heard a certain noise....Oh the possibilities.

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