Sunday, February 17, 2008

Memory Spot (Can you see it?)

It is very tiny, but it may be bigger than you think. The pencils in the image to the left are pointing to a very small dot that is capable of holding video, pictures, audio, documents and whatever else that can be stored digitally. So what? You may be thinking that this isn't all that great, and it wouldn't be except for the fact that this little bit of memory can be written to and read from wirelessly from a short distance. The chip requires no batteries and is powered remotely through "inductive coupling" from the read/write device. This memory was unveiled in 2006 by HP and is now starting to be looked at commercially in the "real world". The chip provides communication speeds 10 times faster than Bluetooth and is as fast as modern wi-fi speeds. This means that you can read and write to this memory spot extremely fast with any device that has a reader-writer built into it (cell phone, laptop, MP3 player, camera, etc...). It is half the size of a grain of rice and can be stuck inside of a sheet of paper; embedded in a credit card, attached to a can of Coke or placed within anything you purchase providing media rich content or instructive information. The small device can hold up to 4mb of data with larger storage capacities undoubtedly soon to follow. This technology is poised to overtake RFID in the world of tagging real world objects for the benefit of tracking.

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