Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Projectors in your Phone by 2012?

"Pico" or "Micro" projectors are expected by analysts to be in large use inside of hand held devices by 2012. The "miniature display market" is about to take off as companies around the globe claim they are ready to play against each other to provide this additional functionality in the ever increasing "all-in-one" devices. These projectors could even find their way into your Video iPod providing an additional way to watch your video content and share it with others. At the 2008 Consumer Electronics Trade Show many devices were unveiled with some being expected in the commercial realm by the end of the year though most of these will be separate small devices that will have to be carried in addition to the phone or other media device. These devices use small mirrors and/or laser light to project the image.

Now these will be great if you have somewhere to project the image and they are bright enough to work in lighted areas. It's hard to imagine riding a train or sitting in a break room during lunch trying to watch a video with one of these.


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