Saturday, February 23, 2008

Is Interest in Technology and Science Declining?

Google offers many interesting tools including one they've had out for a while called "Google Trends" which allows you to view trends in search keywords over the years for all regions of the world. Below are several searches on the search history stored by Google. The results are disappointing. Keep in mind that these results include the entire worlds searches through Google.

Here is a graph of a search on the keywords: "Technology", "Science", "Biology" and "Genetics". This graph shows a slow decline in searching on these keywords.

Here is the same search with the keyword "Sex" included. Shows you what is on peoples minds the most. Trying this search with the word "God" shows that abstinence, at least virtually is not working:

And again with "American Idol" as an additional keyword:

At least it is refreshing that American Idol only trumps science and technology at the peek of the shows climax. An interesting note though is that while the search traffic is down, the news references are up which may mean that people are getting their science and technology "fix" from traditional news sources.....which in itself may or may not be a good thing.

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