Friday, February 1, 2008

The Fractal Nature of Nature

This is just an observation and not a held belief. Have you ever noticed how the maps of the universe that are being created seem oddly similar to the patterns that are seen in the structure of the brain?

Seeing that nature is fractal, is it possible that the universe is a large brain? Was the big bang the creation of a life form that was born and is growing and expanding as we see in our observations?

This is an odd thought, but interesting none the less. There is an infinity within us and outside of us. We may hold a universe inside of our heads and at the same time we may be the creations of a "greater brain" that is our universe. It could go on forever in all directions. What many believe to be God may actually be the universe and he may be within a larger universe that it is barely capable of understanding. We may just be part of something not much different than us....just a bit larger.

If there is to be a technological singularity that will propel human thought throughout the universe, could it be that it has happened before and we are some sort of creation from that event?

See an example of images here at the New York Times.

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