Thursday, February 21, 2008

My Free Implants

Social networking has taken on another dimension on a website set up by a guy in California that raises money for women who want breast implants but can't afford them. The creator of the website claims that over 80 women have received enough money from donations made through the website to get the implants that they desire. Over 20,000 men send messages to the women and donate a dollar for each message. When all the messages add up, a women can get a new confidence that she may have been lacking.

Many people believe that it is important that before you consider getting implants that you talk to a therapist. If you do not mind your breast size and are only considering it because you are being pressured by a boyfriend or a husband....consider getting a new boyfriend or husband. Breast implants are moderately safe now that they have been "installed" for over three decades, but it is important to research surgeons. The most common need, other than purely cosmetic, for getting breast implants is because of a mastectomy, genetic deformities, or for gender reassignment. Most recipients report that they are very happy with the outcome of the surgery and show improvements in self-esteem.

An interesting note is that attempts have been made to create breast implants since the late 1800's. People have tried shoving all kinds of material into women's chests such as paraffin wax, glass, ivory, sponges, and ground up rubber with disastrous results.

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