Saturday, March 15, 2008

The Death of Actors and Models

Technology is an amazing thing. Computers allow us the ability to recreate worlds that amaze and dazzle the senses in various ways. A trend that has been growing even before "Roger Rabbit" and "Toy Story" is finally coming of age and is on the verge of affecting real life people who depend on their looks and acting abilities to make a living. It seems that it may be easier to create a virtual person that works for a lot cheaper and for longer hours than it is to hire a real life human. A graphic artist just may be able to create a sexy icon faster and cheaper than a sexy icon of organic birth can be found and "grown" into stardom.

Computer technology has come to a point where it is possible to capture the entire human form in three dimensions including facial features and skin texture and store it for later use by a graphic artist. With movies such as "Beowulf" that digitize actors and with technologies coming along from Mova that promise Volumetric Cinematography we can see the demise of the individual human performance. There are other technologies out there that allow for the complete digitizing of a persons voice to be later played back and modified to fit the needs of the script that is being read. There is no future for real people in the entertainment industry as we know it today. Graphic artists will create attractive people with attractive voices, or villians who are just right to insert within movies to meet whatever needs the story has. This is the future of movies and games. If you are in this industry as talent, you need to pay attention and believe this. It has been coming for over fifteen years and is now upon us. Your beauty and abilities are no longer needed.

Computer technology will allow directors and producers the ability to get rid of the actors who demand millions upon millions of dollars. The movie "Simone" was not a fantasy. Computers and the people who know how to use them are learning how to remove real people from entertainment. Models of fashion are in the same boat.

If you are a model, you need to realize that you can be recreated within a computer and then modified to allow for a perfect human form. Photo and graphic technology has come to a point where any person can be created within a computer and displayed inside a magazine as a real person without the need of an organic person to take the pictures. If you are banking on your looks to get you through life, you need to think again. Providing real unique thoughts is the only future for humans. Looks are only good for procreating and sexual gratification.

In the next few years we will see more and more use of virtual actors either derived from actual people or created from scratch using the latest technologies. The purchaser of this entertainment will probably not mind one bit. The human may just be removed from entertainment. The only remaining question is, what will the tabloids do then?

There will become a time when people stop caring about individual stars. No one will care if a certain celebrity is pregnant or if someone is doing drugs. No longer will we put people upon pedestals that they were never worthy of being put upon in the first place.

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Virtual scandals galore! Virtual Penn could rape Virtual Jolie to death! Weekly! Yowza!