Monday, March 3, 2008

Solar Powered Gadget Charger/Battery

A new solar powered charger/battery can run an iPod for 18 hours and a PDA for up to 22 hours on a single charge. Just pop it back in the sun for a bit and it charges right back up again. Solar Technology of the United Kingdom developed this multipurpose battery/charger for a variety of devices and can be purchased for 29.99 pounds. These nifty pocket sized batteries come in a variety of colors including pink and silver. The companies solar products are specially designed to work well in cloudy conditions such as those seen in Europe.

Just imagine, even if the world's societies collapse and the power infrastructure fails, your can still listen to you 90's music on your iPod as long as the sun still burns in the sky. Even if society doesn't collapse and hangs around a bit longer you can still save some carbon by soaking in some rays.

Pretty neat. See the website below.

FreeLoader Solar Battery

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