Thursday, March 6, 2008

HydroPak: Water-Activated Fuel-Cell Generator

This little baby takes a $20 disposable cartridge and a dose of water in order to churn out enough energy to recharge a notebook computer up to ten times or to run emergency lights, hand-held gadgets, or portable TVs. The HydroPak costs $400 and is manufactured by Millennium Cell and Horizon Fuel Cell. This portable fuel cell unit will generate 25 watts of energy.

Millennium Cell
Horizon Fuel Cell


TradeUP said...

Too bad this product may never be released, due to MCEL's lack of funding... and many shareholders looking towards a lawsuit. With that said, the technology is as green as it is innoative. GO MCEL & Horizon!

Hydro-BIKE coming soon.

Anonymous said...

Looks great, actually smaller than the overall design would imply, I saw this demonstrated at a trade show. Would be a good off road camping item. Totally quiet.