Friday, March 7, 2008

Give the Gift of "Green"

If you feel the need to purchase something for someones birthday, Christmas, valentines, etc. or just want to pick up something for yourself you should take a look at the sustainable products that have been emerging in the market place at an alarming pace.

Below are some items I found on the web that weren't around just a few seasons ago. The links will take you to the appropriate on-line stores of the retailers. If you know of any more, please post a comment. I will add them to the list.

There are many LED lights that are on the market that fit into a standard socket. LED lights are even more efficient and generate a lot less heat than standard bulbs or even the newer CFL lights. The light featured here comes with a remote that allows you to change the color that is emitted. Pretty cool. $50. Buy it here: ThinkGeek and get other great LED lights that can replace your mercury filled CFL's here: ThinkGeek

Live in a place where the wind blows? Supplement your power with this 400 watt wind generator that is recommended for small cottages, remote locations, backup power and hobbyists. This light weight wind turbine shuts down when the batteries are fully charged in order to minimize wear and tear. Comes with a three year warranty. $600. Buy it here: Sam's Club

Rechargeable batteries are great, except they take an extra adapter which isn't always convenient. These recharchable batteries have a USB adapter built into them so you can charge them directly from your computer. This is a neat and useful gift for the gadget freak in the family. $20. Buy it here: ThinkGeek

Get your family the gift of chemical free cleaning. Don't pollute your home when you cleanse it of the germs we fear so much. This 16 ounce bottle of Basic H2 Organic Super Cleaning Concentrate mixes with water to create up to 48 gallons of cleaner. The cleaner is non-toxic, all natural, doubly concentrated, and completely biodegradable. Save some plastic and some dough. $10-$12. Buy it here: Shaklee. This company offers numerous green natural cleaning products to keep your home clean and chemical free.

If you or a special someone carries a backpack for school, work or recreation and have gadgets such as cellphones, iPods and cameras, then this may be the gift for you. This backpack has built in solar panels that can recharge numerous devices. The backpack even includes a battery that stores energy for those "rainy days". USB and various other "common" power adapters are built in. $230. Buy it here: GreenHome.

A staple free stapler? What? It really does exist and supposedly works. Save money and metal with this friendly stapler that promises to end the use of those little shards of metal that get in the way of our everyday work life. $6. Buy it here: ThinkGeek

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