Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Enviropig - Part E.Coli, Part Mouse...All Wrong?

Scientists in Canada have spliced E.Coli genes and mice genes with pigs to produce a pig that releases fewer phosphates into the ground water through their waste. This has been done to offer a possible solution to the pollution introduced by sewage generated by industrial pig farms. These new pigs have the ability to better break down "phytase" which is rich in phosphorous and is found in the intestinal tract. Phosphorous is the leading cause of algae blooms and fish kills in water systems as they are related to modern farming practices.

It is interesting that we are working so hard to solve an environmental issue that we are causing with a "solution" that could trigger other environmental issues. Why don't we just stop eating so many pigs and find better food sources to meet the growing demand of humans while trying our damnedest to stay in a balance with nature? Well, I guess we don't do it because pigs are so tasty and we would rather have pork than fresh and salt water fish.

There is no evidence that an "enviropig" is bad for the environment in any way, it is just another example of our desire to play around with nature and see what we can do.

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