Monday, March 17, 2008

Male Eggs and Female Sperm

Yes, it is becoming a reality. Genetic material from a man could one day be used to generate a human egg that could be placed inside a female donor. Sperm could then be generated from a women and then introduced inside of the female donor and a child could be born with a male mother and a female father. Odd as it may seem, scientists are coming closer and closer to this ability with the use of stem cells taken from bone marrow. We could soon see same sex parent having children of their own. We could even see a child created from mixing numerous individuals together thus giving rise to a child with more than two biological parents.

This tantalizing technology is being touted as an equalizer for same sex families. Two men or two women can, in the foreseeable future, have children together. Unfortunately for these couples, this technology is still in its infancy and is prone to high rates of failure and problematic offspring. Until the technology and know how of scientists increase and ethical fears subside, we will have to wait longer to see the first same sex love child.

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