Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Terry Pratchett: Alzheimer's

Fans who have yet to hear the news will be shocked to know that the creative genius and author of the Discworld series of books has been diagnosed with Alzheimer's. Terry Pratchett has pledged to donate 1 million dollars to fund research in developing treatments for the disease. This is a sad disease for anyone afflicted with it and is doubly so for someone who has given so much creativeness to the world in the form of the amazing stories. To lose Terry to this disease will be a tragedy and we should all hope, pray, and wish that something can be done for him and the millions of others who have dementia. It is said just as many people suffer from dementia as they do cancer, but dementia only receives one third the funding for research as cancer.

"Part of me lives in a world of new age remedies and science, and some of the science is a little like voodoo but science was never an exact science, and personally I'd eat the arse out of a dead mole if it offered a fighting chance." - Terry Pratchett on his diagnosed illness.



Anonymous said...

A little bit of hope...

Alice Byrne said...

Hah, despite the Alzheimer's, it's still great to see that Pterry still has that sense of humour that Discworld fans know and love. It's an inspiration to see him like that, and as humans we have to be strong and hope for the best. He's not giving up and there's no reason to despair about Alzheimer's!